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Amplifying employee recognition

Vityl’s recognition feature helps cultivate a culture of recognition that fosters a more inclusive, engaged, and productive workplace.

Why Recognition?

Recognition is one of the most effective (in terms of cost and time invested) ways to improve team member motivation, engagement, and belonging. A culture of recognition is critical for companies to build more connected, collaborative, and successful workplaces.

Recognition Drives Real Results

Teams that prioritize recognition and rewards experience a 14.9% lower turnover rate than companies that don’t. According to the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), effective recognition leads to a 31% lower voluntary turnover rate among top performers. Using methodologies established by WorldatWork, SHRM, and Bersin, an organization with 100 employees can save between $100-200k per year by implementing a recognition program.


Improvement to eNPS within the first 6-12 months


Lower voluntary turnover rate among high performers


Saved per year for an organization with 100 employees


Meaningful Recognition Made Easy

With Vityl, creating meaningful recognition is a breeze. Our AI-driven features allow anyone to create high-quality feedback in seconds, making recognition accessible, timely, and inclusive.

From Metrics to Momentum

Our Recognition Dashboard delivers a user-friendly and centralized hub to manage your organization’s culture of recognition. Designed by and for HR leaders, the dashboard provides a comprehensive snapshot of real-time recognition activities, powering automated coaching and goals for your teams.

Level Up Your People and Culture

Vityl’s powerful tools like Streaks, Automated Awards, and the Leaderboard inspire your team to recognize and celebrate each other’s contributions, continuously improve their recognition efforts, and make culture building a fun and community-based experience.

Elevating Equity

Vityl’s unique equity analyzer tool helps managers and leaders compare which team members more or less than their benchmark target, and then automatically deploy goals and actions to address these needs.

Supercharging Slack

Our Slack integration allows your team to make recognition a part of your everyday conversations by helping people create recognition, capture messages as recognition, and automatically post engaging content to your recognition channels.

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